Forthcoming events

See the summary of our forthcoming events [226kb] where you can find out more about SPIRE.

ALLIANCE Event June 2016

The SPIRE team answered questions from a number of organisations representing disabled or chronically ill patients at the Health and Social Care ALLIANCE Scotland meeting on 29 June 2016. We have added a presentation suitable for non-experts [600kb] and a summary of the Questions and Answers session [27kb].

Practice Managers Conference May 2016

The SPIRE team had a stand at the recent event where Practice Managers were able to see a live demo of the SPIRE software and hear more about rollout and installation plans. A leaflet was developed for the event which explains the benefits of SPIRE and how it will be rolled out to practices across Scotland.

SPIRE in a nutshell [630kb]

Scottish Clinical Information Management in Practice (SCIMP) Conferences

The SPIRE project team have been regular attendees at SCIMP/SNUG conferences where they have made presentations or held workshops about the development and progress of SPIRE. Presentations from the conferences we have attended to date are available.

Date File Size
September 2016 SPIRE - transforming data into information and intelligence [2.9mb]
November 2015 SPIRE Putting it into Practice [1.1mb]
November 2014 SPIRE Presentation [2.3mb]
November 2013 SPIRE Presentation [450kb]